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SHS Love Affairs

Relationship in senior high student is being an inspiration for us and education is one of the highest achievement and the trademark on how you are being recognized not only at work but also the people whom you met in your everyday life and the key in attaining our goal. Its importance in life is what make us who we really and what are we capable of that lead us to progress and develop further more. It isn’t a tangible product rather it’s an intellectual property that each of us uniquely have, but before we have this information we take it as a step by step process. And senior high is one of the basic needs in education attainment in order for us to have a formal job.

When talking about senior high school student life, we experience plenty of things socializing and having friends is one of it, but what the relationship of being friends went up to the next level where in the both opposite sex developed to each that development resulted to what we psychologically called love in which both person has the emotion of affection and personal attachment. Having relationship is part of the environment in life and many says it serves as an inspiration and feeling that someone is there for there to accompanied him, but as a student the question is how it does affect the performance and emotion of each in their studies? What’s the difference of with and without relationship? How would students budget their time in order for them, as a partner, maintain that relationship they have?


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