The Millennial Factor

I still believe that upbringing by parents will still have the most influence to a millennial like me, although we are stereotype of the media-obsessed and technology-dependent generation. The love and caring of our parents poised a big influence on all important aspects of our personality traits, belief, and even in political belief. I’m very fortunate to have a loving, big, solid-family. I have 10 siblings all in all, and my being the youngest of all my elder sisters and for being a daddy’s girl should be added also in my overall character compared to my millennial-brothers and sisters. 😉 Other factor would be the influence of a religion, but it all depends on how religious we are or the intense loyalty of one’s religious-belief. My family and I are all consistent Iglesia ni Cristo devotee, and I am proud of the discipline and unity that were infused by our religion to our family. I’m a recalcitrant Generation Y-girl though, as I won’t totally be submitted to any juggernaut or sect, especially in my religious belief.

One big factor too is the environment where we live at and study. Friends, classmates, and neighbors play big influence too in our manner of talking and to our overall view, and personal-traits, but our access to social media differ the way we talk and think compared to our parents. Millennials are now more fluent in English and are linguistic than older generations. We have all access to free English lessons, dictionaries, correcting grammars, free English movies, comics, anime or manga, books, and etc. It is also nice to see that my parents are connecting with their former classmates through Facebook, but my millennial classmates are closer to me than our parents’ and grandparents’ classmates, because my millennial-classmates have constant connections with each other starting from when we were in elementary up to present, and thanks from the advent of cellular phone for quick access and for making our calls and texting cheaper, and also free-chatting through private message on Facebook.

For sure, my millennial-friends are savvy than my Baby Boomer-parents when it comes to buying or shopping. I don’t believe in advertising by companies, that’s why I rely more to my parents’ and friends’ advices, as well as going to online experts’ advice and recommendation before making purchases, and for that, I thank the websites on the internet.

Facebook is still much being used by millennials, but recent survey found-out though that Facebook now is more popular with non-millennials. For us, Facebook makes us unhappy, and we are very tired of it. One rational reason is that they are allowing many fake news to be posted on our home page. Social media platform such as YouTube, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and LinkedIn were found to be more exciting for millennials than non-millennials.

Millennials are very fond of new technologies and discoveries and are not afraid to explore and use more complicated gadgets than the more disciplined and reliable, older generations. In reality, the lazier millennials have more abilities, and we are outshining the idealist Baby Boomers with the help of new, advanced technologies. Whether our older cohort of older generations will disagree to this, I together with my millennial counterparts destine to leave a big mark for this generation and for the next Z-Generation.



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