“We are the crying and confused teenagers who wandered the halls of their high schools as we watched the world change around us.”

Millennials are the underestimated and the most criticized generation. Older generation sees us as whiny teenagers who can’t stand on their own feet. They think that millennials are nothing but a lazy couch potato. A self-centered teenagers who only cares how we look in our daily selfies. A demanding creature who wants to get what we want in just a snap of a finger. A thirsty youth for love and fame but all of these are nothing but misconceptions of how the world sees us. The truth is we are a lost soul finding for the essence of life. The truth is we really do care for our world.

How millennials do care for the world he/she’s living in? We have our own way to be globally connected and to keep in touch in the worldwide news. We may look like we don’t care what is happening in our surrounding but that’s not just the truth. Maybe you don’t see us in front of televisions waiting for the news or you might also think that we don’t care because we don’t turn on the radio to hear some news but to hear some new trend music but as I’ve said we have our own way. Our own way to stay globally connected is through internet. We are curious about almost everything than you could imagine, with the use of Facebook and google we can search what we want to know. We can dig deeper about certain topic than the other generations do.

You may see us every day holding our phone or in front of our computers thinking that we are not a productive individual but with the use of technologies, we can express our opinions and ideas to the world that may contribute to build a better future. The modernization sum up with the pressure putting in our shoulders because they think with the help of technology we easily done our tasks. We are admirable generation because we learn how to multitask because of the advance technology we have.

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We are the generation who lives in a judgmental and cruel world. We are born in a progressive modernization where changes lie everywhere, seeing the vivid reality of life. Living in a fast-changing world makes us hard to cope up with the present. We feel the pressure behind our back because of the responsibilities that society sets for us. Though, the other generation thinks negatively on us we should keep proving ourselves to them. No matter what they think of us, we are the one making our path so together we should pull up ourselves to the top of success. With their doubtful minds let us keep aiming high, with these people constantly putting us down let us all rise up. This generation who is constantly doubted, criticized and underestimated by older generation will be the future of the world so let’s keep learning so we can teach the upcoming generation and exert a hard work towards a better future.



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